Nairobi Trio


Nairobi Trio in Concert

The Nairobi Trio embark on extensive concert tours around New Zealand and the rest of the world every year. Check the Gig List for more information.

On tour Nairobi Trio perform as a quartet. With the inclusion of Andrew Dixon on saxophones/ flute/ vocals, the trio line-up of Richard Adams (Violin/ vocals), John Quigley (Guitar/ vocals) and Peter Koopman (Bass/ vocals) take you on a musical journey, in a show packed with some real gems.

The performance is contagious, expressive, and much of it spontaneously improvised. The program includes a selection of jazz standards re-worked by the group, however Nairobi Trio are perhaps best known for their skilfully crafted original pieces, many of which evoke images of New Zealand's geographic beauty and cultural diversity.

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